Here at RS, we have recently reached another milestone into the growth of our company. We have expanded by adding an additional 60,000 square feet of warehousing space with 17 overhead and loading doors. This new warehouse is located at 135 Paramount Road. A bit of nostalgia comes with this new location. As some may know our original warehouse of 20 years was located at 89 Paramount. Which is just up the road from this new one. Our expansion to this new space has also provided us with a new opportunity. Not only are we expanding in physical size but also we are able to expand the services we offer to our clients. We are glad to announce that RS is now able to offer Railside Service!

So what is Railside Service? In general, Railside Service includes loading and unloading of bulk material from railcars on a regular basis. These materials usually also require some short-term storage within some warehousing space. The procedure of Railside unloading logistics begins with our clients’ products being transported to our 135 Paramount facility via railcars. Once the product arrives by rail, our fully trained and certified staff utilizes the special equipment to unload them directly off the railcars into our climate controlled warehouse. The products are then sorted, palletized, and stored according to our clients’ specifications. The final step in the process is to deliver the sorted and palletized products. This is done by loading the products onto waiting outbound trucks. These vehicles are destined for the facilities of our clients’ and their customers’.

Delivering on your promises, all members of the RS team are committed and dedicated to providing quality service to our clients’ needs. We are very proud of being able to continuously provide customized and innovative supply chain management solutions to our partners and help them grow their business in Canada together.

If you would like to find out more about our new Railside Service please contact us >>Here<<